January 17, 2016



We provide our clients with long-term, adaptable logistics solutions that pay for themselves in months not years.

We sell, configure, install and commission software with working practices that will deliver guaranteed and immediate savings on transport and warehousing

Our approach

FOTi Group provides a unique approach to unleash organization ability to connect the right initiatives, arise the imagination and passion of employees at all levels—by connecting the heart and soul to their work, their company, and its mission. We believe it to be the true power behind sustainable success. 

We help organization to prosper over a long time period, through multiple product life cycles and multiple generations of leaders.

FOTi Group believes that success is not a victory or result, but a perpetual fulfillment of state of mind with clear intention and full commitment.

Ron Foti, Senior Partner

Ron has designed and implemented Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions for many household-name companies around the world. He formed FOTi Group inc. in 2012 and partnered with Graham Hall shortly afterwards.

Graham Hall, Senior Partner

After a successful career in the corporate sector with companies such as BP and Mars Inc, Graham established Ibex Management Ltd in 1998 to specialise in Supply Chain Management solutions. In addition to his consulting work for international blue chip clients, Graham has worked on secondment from Ibex in a number of Senior Executive positions at Board level. He has worked across three continents and delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of efficiency improvements. Graham has been a Senior Partner of the FOTi Group since 2013.

Marc Wulfraat, Leader of Network Design Strategy

Marc has 30 years of specialized experience in Supply Chain Strategy, Business Strategy, Logistics Operations and Facility Design / Optimization. In addition to partnering with the FOTi Group, he is president and founder of MWPVL International Inc., where he has completed 200+ projects, made 80+ industry presentations and had 80+ professional articles published to wide acclaim.

Ed Bertola, Director of Implementation and Delivery

Ed brings 20+ years’ experience of driving up performance metrics in distribution and warehousing environments. He is accomplished in the conversion and implementation of new technologies, systems and processes using tried-and-tested techniques of work measurement and labor standards. He is comfortable with all major ERP, Warehouse Management Systems and Engineered Labor Standards applications, with particular expertise in Oracle, Manhattan, Marc LS, Dallas (now EXE), OMI, and JDA (Red Prairie).

Chris Begley, Director of Implementation and Delivery

Chris has over 25 years’ experience in distribution, from order selection to supervision and operations management. He specializes in ‘methods training’ and ‘efficiency training’ for order-selectors working within environments that benefit from Engineered Labor Standards. He is a natural trainer for individuals of any background who have the willingness to step up, especially into supervisory roles responsible for process improvement and team motivation.

Mike Dimech, Head of Systems Integration

Mike has extensive experience of providing technical and systems integration services plus warehouse efficiency improvement solutions to FOTi Group in North America. He has access to a team of highly-skilled and experienced systems professionals able to converse in business language and work seamlessly with client employees.

Gab 200

Gabriel Murray, Director of IT

Gabriel has an extensive knowledge of system development, integration and customisation.  He has configured multiple systems solutions in dynamic environments to solve a number of challenging problems.  He has a comprehensive understanding of ERP, WMS & TMS systems and their interactions with each other.  Gabriel has been Director of IT for the FOTi Group since 2013.

Louise Bachand, Director of Transport & Logistics

Louise is experienced in operations and project management in the logistics and supply chain arena. She is known for being persistent and dedicated to achieving and exceeding targets. She is able to analyse, develop and implement strategic and operational initiatives to improve efficiency and increase profitability.  She is now leading our Roadnet TMS implementation team.