February 7, 2016

Labor Optmization

Faster, more accurate Engineered Labor Standards

Knowing what productivity you should be able to expect from your labor force is essential for the maintenance of labor budgets and the achievement of your performance targets.
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Our Labor Standards Services will establish precisely how long it takes employees to perform each and every task associated with their jobs, taking into account how those tasks vary from location to location.
Our consultants use three proven approaches to work measurement: direct observation, predetermined motion time system, and work sampling. These approaches are carefully blended to ensure that tasks are measured accurately, allowing us to develop standards in the shortest possible amount of time.
We are experts in Distribution Center productivity. Our DC labor expertise is based on many years of experience, and we have a strong track record of results, commonly achieving productivity gains of 25% or more once employees are attaining 95-100% of the labor Standard.

It’s a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay

We carefully analyze your needs and determine the best solutions to optimize your facilities. We focus on the details that matter. Our solutions apply at all levels of systems and technology.
We partner with our clients to make immediate improvements and drive cost reduction.
Labor standards can be used to create a common frame of reference for all employees to build quality into processes while creating greater efficiency within the actual activities they perform.
There are several keys to leveraging labor standards to streamline operations and drive process improvement.

The 7 steps approach

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  • Review of current systems, methods and procedures
  • Identification of best practices
  • Production labor standards development and validation
  • Implementation of labor standards
  • Training for employees, supervisors and management
  • Project management and start up support
  • Maintenance of production and labor standards validation audits


Long Term Benefits

In addition to the initial cost savings that become recurring annual savings, an equally impressive long term gain comes as a result of stabilizing the work force. Costs associated with new employees – recruiting, training, learning curve, weeding out bad hires, etc. all decline significantly with a stable workforce.