February 7, 2016


Roadnet Anywhere & Roadnet Transportation Suite

Roadnet Anywhere is rented on a monthly basis while Roadnet Transportation Suite is a Proprietary Software.

Any transportation company will attest to having challenges with routing their fleet in an optimal and cost-conscious manner. Many organizations are faced with:

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  • Ineffective Routing
  • Staff Inefficiencies
  • Lack of Visibility
  • Constantly Changing Environment


• Roadnet Transportation Suite: on client server, license purchase ($/truck)
• Roadnet Anywhere: SaaS (Software as a Service), license rental ($/truck/month)

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Add-on modules

Once you have the Roadnet Transportation Suite there are several optional additional modules to give you a complete solution to your transportation planning needs, such as Fleetloader, Territory Planner, and Telematics.

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Roadnet Routing & Dispatch is an automated system that allows you to create efficient route plans while tracking drivers against your original plan. As orders come in, routes are created and pushed immediately to mobile devices. Driver activities are monitored via a GPS-enabled smartphone, bringing any off-plan information to you in seconds.

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Customers have told us Roadnet helps in 3 main areas:

  • Improving route efficiency:
  • ↓ 10% reduction in total miles driven
  • ↓ 10% reduction in total fleet size
  • Increase staff productivity:
  • ↓ 2.5% reduction in driver compensation
  • ↓ 5% reduction in driver overtime
  • ↓ 50% reduction in time spent routing
  • Achieve Scalable Growth
  • ↑ 1% increase in revenue due to improved customer satisfaction

Crucially, Roadnet can be integrated with any ERP and WMS systems, so that you can be assured of consistency across your management software tools.

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Mobile Cast

  • Allows 2-way communication between driver and dispatcher
  • Allows feedback on actual versus planned performance
  • Captures real-time information (eg. ↓ traffic flow due to snow storm, lane closed on Hwy 20, etc.)

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Advantages: previewing a route, changing the order of stops, indicating you can not deliver a stop, etc.

More Modules can be offered such as Fleet Loader – Territory Planner – Telematics to only name a few.

At FOTi Group we offer many points of differentiation when it comes to installing and commissioning the Roadnet core systems and additional modules for you.

We have an unmatched knowledge of all the RTS (Roadnet Transportation Suite) modules which allows us to optimize your environment while simultaneously transferring our knowledge and expertise to your employees. We have a team of seasoned consultants with real operational / hands-on experience.

For example, we are able to offer and configure the following modules:

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  • Territory Planner Roadnet
  • MobileCast Server
  • MobileCast On-track
  • Fleetloader
  • RIC
  • RPD
  • WsDataIntegrator
  • Telematics
  • Supermatrix
  • ActiveAlert
  • MobileView
  • NetScheduler
  • INRX
  • Co-Pilot
  • SOTI